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Charlotte Islamic Academy has completed the registration process for participation in the Opportunity Scholarship Program. Please apply as soon as possible.

Science Fair Winners 2016

Science Fair Winners 2016

Overall Winners:

1. Muna Yusuf

2. Mahmoud Banawan

3. Zanib Kashmary, Qamar Mohamed & Aniqa Azam, &  Zoyha Kashmary

Class Winners:

6th grade:

1. Zanib Kashmary

2. Saba Waheed (Honor)

3. Nusayba Hashi


7th grade:

1. Mahmoud Banawan

2. Jana Obeid (Honor)

3. Yusuf Yusuf & Ozair Ali


8th grade:

1. Muna Yusuf

2. Waqas Kashmary (Honor)

3. Ikram Mohamud


9th grade:

1. Qamar Mohamed & Aniqa Azam

2. Humaira Kashmary

3. Sofia Alama & Jumanah Deeb


10th grade:

1. Ruweyda Hashi

2. Ibrahim Eksheir

3. Aisha Kashmary


11th grade:

1. Zoyha Kashmary

2. Homam Abdulrahman (Honor)

3. Faten Shaer


Spelling Bee Winners 2015-16


Spelling Bee Winners 2015-16

  • 1st place: Aqsa Khan - Seventh grade
  • 2nd place: Sarah Abdelrahman - Fourth grade
  • 3rd place: Furqan Mohammed - Third grade


Aqsa Khan will represent Charlotte Islamic Academy on Wednesday, January 27 at Carmel Christian School at the Independent Schools District Spelling Bee. We ask Allah to make it a success. Congratulation to all the winners and participants.


Islam and Islamophobia In the World Today

Islam and Islamophobia In the World Today

when: December 2nd, 2015

Where: CHHS Building Room 159 | UNC Charlotte campus

Time: 3:30 – 4:45

Speaker: Keith Stringfellow

Mr. Stringfellow teaches History at the Charlotte Islamic Academy; he has been awarded an IWitness Fellowship at the USC Shoah Foundation; and he serves as Youth Director at the Muslim American Society. Keith earned his degrees in Social Studies (B.A., the University of Alabama) and Military History (M.A., American Military University) and has spoken and taught widely on issues related to the Holocaust; Islam; and human rights.