2017-2018 Graduates

Mohamed Adem - UNCC

2016-2017 Graduates

Zoyah Kashmary- Received full scholarship at Wingate university
Homam Abdelrahman - Received  full scholarship at Wingate university
Suhail Dorgham- Received full scholarship at Wingate University
Aishah Kashmary - Curently studying at UNCC

2015-2016 Graduates

Mohammed Al-Zouabi- Curently studing at UNCC
Kawter Naim - Curently studing at UNCC
Aymen Kashmary - curently studying at Wingate Univercity

2014-2015 Graduates

Nada Ismaeel - Curently studying at UNCC
Ali Al-Zouabi - Curently Studying at UNCC
Maha AbdurRashid - Curently studing at York Tech in SC


2013-2014 Graduates

Yasmine Abdel Jaber - Curently studying at UNCC

Sohaib Al-Ganim - Curently studying at UNCC

Yazid Butler - Curently studying at CPCC

Lina Charles - Curently studying at CPCC

Yazan Kafozi - Curently studying at CPCC

Aidia Naim - Curently Studying at UNCC


2012-2013 Graduates

Sarah Alasgah - Living in Saudia Arabia

Zamzam Hashi - Currently studying at UNCC

Amal Maow - Currently studying at UNCC, Pharmacist 

Ibrahim Obeid - Currently studying at CPCC, Associates of Science in Dental Hygiene 

Faiza Sheikh - Currently studying at UNCC, Biology Major

Anthony Webb - Currently studying at CPCC

2011/2012 Graduates

Hamza Butler - Currently studying at Chapel Hill University, Pre-Law 

Mohammed Kassim - Currently studying at CPCC

Mariam Yusuf - Currently studying at UNCC, Chemistry Major

Manal Naim - Currently studying at UNCC, Biology Major & Chemistry Minor

Sara Zaben - Currently studying at UNCC, Information Technology Major

Asya Abushawriyeh - Graduated, Accounting Major

Sanaa Obeid - Married, Lives in Lebanon

Layla Aliyeva - Married, Currently studying at CPCC

2010/2011 Graduates

Amira Kalala – Currently studying at UNCC, Pre-Medical


2009/2010 Graduates  

Asma Abushawriyeh -Graduated from UNCC, Accounting Major 

Hoda Amin - Currently studying at UNCC, International Business, work at the Academy as assisstant 

teacher for KG

Ebraheem Mahmoud - Currently studying at MSU, Pre Med.

Diyaa Jamhour - Currently studying at UNCC, Kinesiology Major   

Sara Zaghari - Graduatesd from UNCC, Biology and Pre-Pharmacy; Married to Ahmad Esmaeel


2008 - 2009 Graduates  

Husna Begum K. Abdallah  

Shireen Alborno – Graduated from UNCC, Bachelors of Fine Art, Concentration in Photography

Yusof Al-Ganim – Graduated from Guilford Technical, Aeronautical Engineering

Ahmad Esmaeel - Currently studying at UNCC, Political Science & Pre-Law; Married to Sara Zaghari

Molly Leffew- Married

Amera Zaben - Graduated from UNCC, Health Communication

Hadeel Zaben – Graduated from UNCC, Masters in Accounting & Auditing

Ismeal Zaghari- Currently studying at CPCC


2007/2008 Graduates

Afnan Alshaher - Graduated from Emirates College of Technology, Human Resource Management 

Sara Amin- Graduated from UNCC, English & Middle Grades Education with a concentration in Social Studies and Language Arts; Formar 1st Grade and 5th & 6th grade ELA and Social Studies teacher at our Academy

Rawan Asad - Graduated from UNCC, Civil Engineering, Formar 7th & 8th Math and Science teacher at our Academy

Lamia Ashour - Graduated from UNCC, Psychology

Sarah Esmaeel - Graduated from UNCC, Business & Marketing

Lina Kanawati -  Married

Dana Shuli - Graduated from Dalhousie University, Bachelors of Science in Mathematics & Psychology

Kadejah Zaghari - Graduated from UNCC, Physician Assistant & Photography


2006/2007 Graduates

Alaa Alshaher - Working in HR Managment at the UAE

Lujain Idlibi - Currently studying; Living in Texas with her husband and three children

Ibrahim Khader - Graduated from UNCC, Chemistry. Studyin at Almadinah Almunawarah Islamic Studies.

Arwa Saleh - Graduated from UNCC, Psychology; Living in Egypt with her husband and daughter

Eman Zaghari - Graduated from UNCC, Bachelors of Science in Biology